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PPR elbow outside the wire

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I. Product features of PPR Pipe 
1. Corrosion resistance, without scaling 
PP-R pipe is of excellent corrosion resistance, without scaling and breeding bacteria, so as to prevent the pipes from fouling and blocking and the wash basin and bathtub from macular and rusts 
2. Good high temperature resistance and thermal insulation
The softening temperature of PP-R pipe is 131.5 ℃; under the permitted Long-term continuous work pressure, it can convey heat water up to 95℃. Meantime, the product has a good property of thermal insulation, with the heat conductivity coefficient about 1/200 of that of metal pipes, reducing the heat loss in the process of conveying heat water. 
3. Non-toxic, health
Through the strict inspection, the product fully meets the requirements of the national standard for drinking water, so that it can be applied to the piping system of drinking water and food industry.    
4. Smooth inner wall, with small flow resistance 
PP-R pipe has smooth inner wall, with small flow resistance and large flow, so as to increase 30% above flow compared with the metal pipes of the same inner diameter.   
5. Strong mechanical strength;
PP-R pipe is of high tenacity, good impact resistance and strong mechanical strength, so as to be more applicable especially under the environment of low or high temperature.  
 6. Light weight, convenient and reliable installation 
 II. Application: 
1. Pipes for cold and hot water in housing construction
2. Pipes for industrial cold and hot water
3. Pipes for hot-water circulation and heating
4. Water pipes in the plants of food, chemicals and pharmaceuticals
5. Pipes for conveying clean and pure water
6. Pipe for conveying the condensate water of central air-conditioner 
7. Pipes for breeding industry
8. Tap water piping
9. Pipes for water treatment
10. Pipes for compressed air
11. Pipes for fuel gas 

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